Surface Protection Tape


Product Details:

We are the leading manufacturer of surface protection film for all the purpose i.e. for glass, for aluminum sheet, for all kinds of new automotive parts, for LCD screen, for sunmica, for tiles, for lamination to protect from dust, scratches, sun light, rain. And also to cover the upper surface of LCD T.V., fiber glass, glass, new phone display, Surface Protection Tape (also known as surface protection film) by Plastic over is a solution for virtually every plastic Whether its carpets, floors, countertops, mantles, windows, glass, steel or other surfaces, we have you covered

Features :

  • Removable adhesives are used in the film.
  • It protects the base from UV rays and other harmful rays which can effect the surface.
  • It protects the surface from any kind of scratch during the transportation.
  • It can apply on any type of surface i.e. glossy, matty, rough.
  • It can be used as additional beauty on surface.
  • It can be used in promotional activity.